About Us

Firstly, in 1998, seven brothers from Haryana namely, Shri Ramkumarji Singhal being the foremost, Shri Vedprakash Agarwal, Shri Prakashchand Agarwal, Shri Sushil Garg, Shri Omkarmal Bansal, Shri Raghuvir Garg and Shri Krishnalal Goyal laid the foundation in the name of Shri Haryana Seva Samiti – Charitable Trust. Shri Ved Prakashji Agarwal and Shri Sushilji Garg had contributed greatly, to this venture. It became a great success with the efforts of everyone. The committee shall always be grateful for the contributions made by these great personalities.

On 12th of April, 1998, an assembly was called to give this committee a full-fledged form, and after proper procedures, Shri Haryana Seva Samiti was constituted with Shri Ramkumarji Singhal as its first Chairman.

Initially, Shri Haryana Seva Samiti and Trust had its office situated at No.18, Halls Road, Kilpauk which was then run by a non-profit Organisation as assigned to them by Shri Ved Prakashji Agrawal, for which the Committee shall always be grateful to him. Later, the committee had its office situated at a flat in No.33, Broadway which belonging to Shri Lekhramji Gupta and was being run as a non-profit Organisation and the Committee shall always appreciate services rendered by him.

Later, this committee was reconstituted and its name changed from that of a Committee to Haryana Charitable Trust, which had Shri Lekhramji Gupta as its First Chief Trustee and other New Trustees were appointed. During the tenure of this Trust, a flat was bought in BBC Villa Building.

In the year 2006, the Committee and Trust Office was relocated to a private flat, which is presently Shri Haryana Seva Samiti’s office. Presently, this flat has 2 air-conditioned rooms that provide food and accommodation facility to any person arriving from Haryana.

Ever since its inception, the Committee has been organizing social meetings on the eve of New Year, in which children participate enthusiastically in their Cultural programmes. A lot of times social gatherings were organized to celebrate the festival of Holi. The Committee has entertained its audiences with a variety of its cultural and other programmes held every year. Everybody has liked the programmes presented every year, a preview of which is attached herewith.

In the year 2002, Honorable Chief Minister – Shri Omprakashji Chautala, Town Development Minister – Shri Subhashji Goyal and other ministers of the Haryana Province were honored at the Hotel Taj Connemara, which was highly praised by the Government of Haryana and the Chief Minister himself. In the year 2004, the Committee has made donations amounting to Rs.75,000 to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Helping Repository as an aid to the victims of Tsunami.

From time to time, the Committee has made donations to various Orphanages and Old Age Homes. Not just that, the Committee distributes food, clothes, blankets and bed sheets to the needy in the Committee Building’s compound. To encourage other students, the Committee distributes prizes to all those students who have been scoring highest grades in their Academics and Sports at their Annual functions.

The Committee has distributed free tickets for the movie “Mangal Pandey” to all its Committee Members and is looking forward to organizing many more programmes of this nature in the future in the field of Entertainment.

Free Acupressure and Magnetic workshops were conducted by the Committee in the year 2008. Following its success and importance, it was felt and realized that such workshops shall be conducted on a regular basis every week from Monday to Friday between 12.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Presently, nearly 35 – 40 men and women are benefitted by this free workshop. In the year 2010, a fifteen day “Advance Magnetic therapy” workshop was organized under the guidance of Dr. Aadeeshwar Jain, who is a specialist in the therapy from Rohtak and after the success of this workshop, many other organizations in the city also made good use of his availability in the city. Many patients were relieved from their pain with the aid of this unique and miraculous workshop. The Committee aims at constructing a private building for itself and shall make every effort in the field of Social Service.

The Committee takes this opportunity to thank the Managing Committee of Agarwal Vidyalaya for permitting us to use its premises to mark the occasion of New Year and Holi and we look forward to continued support from the esteemed institution in the near future.

On the 8th of January 2012, the First Printed Membership Directory was launched along with the Website at SRKK Agarwal Sabha Bhavan.